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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Replacement filters for Sears 2 gallon Clean Carry vacuum model 113.177135, Filter # 9-16949

Sears no longer makes the replacement filter for the 113.177135 two gallon vacuum cleaner. The original part number of the filter was 9-16949 or 16949.  

Luckily there is an aftermarket replacement filter that fits almost perfectly.  The filter is the Vacmaster VRC5. Although it says it is made for 5 to 16 gallon shop vacs, it fit well on my Sears 113.177135 two gallon Clean Carry vacuum.  I bought a three pack of the cloth filters on eBay for about $12.00.  The dimensions of the VRC5 filters are 10 inches wide at the bottom with the filter flattened out, and about 9.5 inches long.  It has a sewn-in elastic collar at the top that holds the filter in place on the cage inside the vacuum.

The dimensions of the cylindrical plastic cage inside the vacuum are 5.5 inches in diameter by about 5 inches long.  Although the Vacmaster VRC5 filter is longer than five inches, it is tapered, so it fits almost perfectly.

I had a hard time finding information on replacement filters on the web, so I hope this information is useful for you. 

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Over the last few months I've been remembering my visit to Brazil as part of a Rotary Club Group Study Exchange to the state of Rio de Janeiro 30 years ago in March and April of 1991. Thanks for joining my journey as I converted my slides to digital images.

We had to write a report of our visit when we returned to the US, and here was the last paragraph of my 1991 report:

"The Brazil GSE experience was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was busy, but I learned so much about Brazil, and made some good friends. I will always remember the hospitality I experienced with the families I stayed with, and I hope to see them again. I would like to return to Brazil with my family and I hope to continue studying Portuguese. Thank you for this unique and wonderful experience."

I did return to Brazil in 1998 with my family, and I have maintained contact with some of our hosts over the years, including our incredible Brazilian Rotary Club exchange trip organizer Gilson Menezes . During the pandemic, I studied and practiced Portuguese consistently, and have finally reached a comfortable conversational level in Portuguese. It only took 30 years. Brazil here we come again!

Here's a video compilation of the pictures I digitized and shared over the last few months. Thanks to Brazilian jazz pianist and singer Eliane Elias for this great tune called "Aquarela do Brasil" or "A Watercolor of Brazil."